How much is a plaque?

Every plaque is unique and prices will vary depending on the item. There is a flat rate for each plaque, however any items we provide will be added to the total cost (i.e. brass plate, ribbons, medals, etc.).

How long will it take to build a plaque?

Every plaque is unique and may require extra steps in the creative process. It is best to contact us as earlier as possible to ensure we have enough time to complete your request. 

Who designs the plaques?

Due to high demand we are unable to design customer plaques. In order to expedite the process please have a design in mind prior to contacting us. The more information you  provide during the initial contact the faster we can begin working on your plaque. Feel free to browse through our galleries for ideas.

Who supplies the ribbons, badges, items, etc?

The customer always has the option to supply any items needed to complete the plaque. However we can typically provide most items needed at cost.

Is shipping and handling included in the price?

Shipping and handling is not included in the price of the plaque. Customers assume the cost of shipping and handling. Shipping will be charged at cost per USPS and we charge a flat rate of $5 for handling.

Can you teach me how to make a plaque?

This is how we make a living and how we support our families. We've put thousands of hours into developing and perfecting our processes in order to provide our customers with the highest quality plaques around and for these reasons we will not provide any information on how we make our products.